27 October 2020

Guinness Area 22

Top Secret!

What is Area 22?

The passion of Irish Rugby Supporters is the stuff of legends. They live for rugby and want nothing more than to be at the heart of the action – every minute, of every game.

Guinness wanted to reward fans for this commitment. They wanted to bring the supporters closer to the team. So they developed the fans an underground training facility where they could follow and interact with their team. This secret base has fast become the hub and heartbeat of Irish Rugby online.


But how could we bring this passion, enthusiasm and excitement to the people on street? How could we get them involved and make them part of the action on match day? We needed to own the key rugby outlets – the ones with high impact visibility.

So we brought our idea to where the supporters hang out with their rugby buddies. We made the pubs and off-licences the heart of the action throughout the season. Before the match supporters could participate in rugby games and win free rugby goodies & pints of Guinness.

These special locations became rugby central for the supporters, allowing the fans to interact with the brand and experience rugby like never before. Area 22 was born.

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