17 May 2021

Everyone’s Cup of Tea

Barry’s is one of Ireland’s best loved brands. It’s the tea of the people; the cuppa that’s close to your heart. People curl up on couches with it, solve the problems of the world over it, even take it on holidays with them, like it’s part of the family. So you could say that it’s not really Barry’s Tea at all – it’s everyone’s cup of tea…

Our names campaign pays tribute to that unique personal relationship that Barry’s has with its drinkers. This innovative approach was welcomed with open arms (and cradled cups) by tea lovers across the country, with over 1,000 people entering a Facebook draw to have their name included in the next poster. Another Facebook app allowed people to instantly see their name on a box of Barry’s and make it their Facebook profile picture. Personalisation proved so powerful that even Santa and his reindeer wanted to have a look-in for Christmas! And even though the word ‘Barry’s’ never once appeared on the posters, this is perhaps the most iconic piece of Barry’s print work yet.

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