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14 June 2021

We also deliver, er, pizza restaurants.

Instore sampling can often be less than engaging. We’ve all been there. Sometimes you’re too busy to try the tasty morsels on offer ‘cos the kids are devouring the DVD section like demented boll weevils or you’re simply not in the mood for pizza at 10am on a Thursday (excluding students, terms and conditions apply). Out of context can often mean out of mind.

So we had a pizza ‘pie-in-the-sky’ sampling idea. Then we added some delicious toppings, popped it into our creative brain oven and out came a piping hot pop-up Goodfellas’s pizzeria on Grafton Street.

Result: queues of people lining up to eat free samples of Goodfella’s Takeaway and new Flat Bread pizzas, and – of course – Garlic Bread for any Peter Kay fans still hanging around town!

We could’ve spent the budget on a lovely (but low budget) TV ad whose sole aim would be to get people to try our pizza. Instead we did a “let’s put the show on right here” thing that worked even better, got product into hand, in the right context, at the right time – not to mention lots of smiley customers and a feelgood factor that got us loads of free publicity.

We also asked people to ‘check in’ on facebook to let their friends know and spread the word that Goodfellas were giving out free pizza on Grafton Street.

So take a trip down and have a look – and a taste. Our Goodfella’s pop-up pizzeria is open from 12 noon, Thursday to Sunday until May 15th only…. after which the promo is finito.


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