11 August 2020

Santa Rita - Bernardo O'Higgins

Looking out for a hero

Santa Rita 120, a delicious range of bold and well-balanced wines. But why are they named 120?

In 2009 we asked ourselves the same question. Could it be the barrel number? Could it be coordinates of the estate? Could it be the degrees of heat in the vineyard?

We didn’t know, and as it turned out, neither did the consumer.

It was our job to spread the word about Santa Rita 120, to tell people the story behind the name, to give them something to relate to and to show them how this wine is rooted in Ireland.

So we created a heroes campaign that highlighted the 120 story. It told of the legendary Irishman, Bernardo O Higgins, who led his 120 men to shelter in the Santa Rita wine cellars, during the bloody battles of the Chilean war of independence. The story explained that it was these brave men – who inspired the Santa Rita 120 brand name.

Santa Rita Press Ads

The campaign appeared in press with a media partnership with the Irish Times and on local and national radio. In store we sampled consumers giving them a chance to try the 120 range and to judge for themselves just how good it is. At the Ploughing Championships we built vineyards echoing the vast terrains of Santa Rita and on facebook we created a network of 2,000 fans who sent glasses of Santa Rita to each other, making their friends the heroes.

We also created a nationwide competition that searched for a local hero. We then gave the hero’s local community €10,000 and gave him (and the person who nominated him) a trip for two to Chile.

Santa Rita Banner Ads and Facebook

All this activity resulted with Santa Rita 120 moving from the ‘number five wine brand in March 2009’ to the ‘number three position in December’. Awareness of the brand increased by 12% and market share increased by +1.5 percentage points in the off trade.

In 2010 we continued our search for the local hero, evolving our creative to include more modern heroes and creating cellars that consumers could walk into to get the feeling of what it was like for those 120 men. This activity coincided with the launch of an official stamp commemorating the legendary Bernardo O’Higgins. Everyone now knew the man who inspired Santa Rita 120.

Santa Rita store display

Santa Rita sampling stand

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