17 May 2021

Welcome to the edge of your seat

For the latest season of the NFL, we wanted to bring the excitement of the game to the UK fans, to show them just how phenomenal American Football really is. But how could we get this across in just 1 video, when there are so many amazing plays in NFL? Answer – we created them an interactive video that included hotspots for sports fans to discover more action and really immerse themselves in the world of the famous game.

The video was used across a multitude of websites and formats, including a first on the Guardian website where their flash expandable billboard was updated to allow HTML5, so the interactive video could be used on both desktop & tablet.

Below is the HTML5 version, which you can interact with or check it out the billboard version here.

There’s also a video below that shows how the ad worked on the Guardian.

Welcome to the edge of your seat.

Interactive Video

Guardian Sample

NFL UK Interactive Video from Irish International on Vimeo.

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