12 August 2020

Measuring Return on Social Investment – a talk at Measurement.ie

Yesterday, our Digital Strategist, Dena Walker, gave at talk at Measurement.ie, a social media measurement conference developed to educate people about how to get more out of their social media efforts by better understanding how to measure them.

Dena’s talk, “Return on Social Investment” was aimed at getting the industry to re-focus their social strategies to better align them with business objectives, as well as detailing “what” and “how” to measure social initiatives.

“More and more, we are hearing the question, ‘Why should I be doing social?’ from clients. The ability to measure the success or failure of our social efforts is becoming increasingly important, and rightly so”, says Dena.

“Measurement of social media is still in its relative infancy, but things are changing. With greater access to better tools, and better data integration there is a wealth of information out there to be mined, and valuable insights to be gleaned.

“It’s just a question of knowing what it is that you want to achieve from your social media activity and then understanding what you can measure/track in order to help you understand how well you’re doing. But it’s imperative that a business knows why they’re in social media to begin with – not just being there for the sake of it”

Attended by over 200 people and live-streamed, the event was organised by Damien Mulley, sponsored by DoneDeal.ie and hosted at National College of Ireland and was an interactive event that trended globally on Twitter with the hashtag #donedealsocial.

Other speakers on the day included, Matt Morrisson, Head of Social Media Strategy at Starcom MediaVest in London; Stephen Jio from Dell, Laurence Veale at IQ Content, Gina Bowes from Glanbia and Dermot Daly of Tapadoo.

Dena’s slides are available to view on Slideshare, but if you would like to hear about Return on Social Investment directly from the horse’s mouth then simply drop her a line to arrange a meeting.

PS, Dena will also be lecturing at NCIRL later this year on their Certificate in Digital Marketing, along with our Community Manager, Christian Hughes.

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