17 May 2021

The town that RSA built

While public attitudes to drink driving have changed hugely in the last decade or so, a minority still feel that the legislation isn’t needed or goes too far. So when the Road Safety Authority asked us to create a campaign informing people of a further reduction in the limits, we set out to engage those sceptics head on.

Our strategy was to put a number on the lives we’ve already saved by changing how we drive in the last ten years – over 1,100 people. And our creative idea was to make that number meaningful, by celebrating everyday life in a town with that size population.

The 1,024 residents of Kilkee gave us wonderful help and hospitality during the making of this campaign, and since then, the feedback from far and wide has been tremenduous. As the ad says, “thank you.”

And the numbers are real, so please – never ever drink and drive.

One Response to “RSA – Kilkee”

  1. Alan Fagan says:

    I really like this ad! It’s a great concept.

    Personally, I find it much more engaging then the tried and tested ‘horror story’ drink-drive ads. They worked at first but I think people are becoming desensitised to the gore and grimness.

    It’s great to see a fresh approach. Beautifully shot too. The music, lighting and use of filters make it really moody and beautiful.

    Quality work!

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