6 June 2020

Uncle Ben’s Dine at Mine

The Uncle Ben’s Begin with Ben campaign has taken Facebook by storm, mostly due to our innovative and exciting new Dine at Mine app. Staying in is the new going out, so we decided to make having friends over for dinner even easier with a quick and easy invite & recipe finder app.

It’s simple to use. You just pick the meal you want to make (we’ll give you the recipe and tell you exactly what you need), then decide who you want to join you and send your invites with just one quick click. Our spinning table even lets you decide on who will sit where.

The app introduces consumers to the various ways that Uncle Ben’s can be used to create delicious dinners, while at the same time allowing them to have fun with their friends and family.

It’s been a big hit, with over 8,000 people getting involved with the Uncle Ben’s Facebook page, and interacting with the brand on a daily basis.

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