27 October 2020

World Animal Week

Pedigree & Whiskas:

It’s all about the animals

Everyone loves animals.

The soul of the Mars’ pet food brands has always been the love of animals. The welfare and care of pet dogs & cats is at the very heart of all Mars’ Pedigree and Whiskas communications. But not all consumers were aware of this a few years ago.

We were asked to find a way to bring the pedigree idea “we’re for dogs” and the Whiskas idea “I love my cat” – to animal lovers everywhere.

So we created ‘World Animal Week’ (WAW) – an annual campaign that focuses on responsible pet ownership by forging a bond between the pet foods and animal welfare organisations.

The idea is brought to life through multiple-media including POS, national radio promotions/ competitions and in-schools packs. Pet owners are encouraged to participate by making a small donation to an animal welfare organisation through an on-pack promotion.

There was also a website to educate and disseminate information on responsible pet ownership. And there is an annual online competition for Ireland’s ‘Best Loved Pet’.

Over the past few years World Animal Week has gone from strength to strength with an average of 450,000 promotional packs of Whiskas & Pedigree being sold during the promotional period. And there have been donations of around 450,000 packs of petfood sent to ISPCA and DSPC showing everyone that for Mars – it’s all about the animals.

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