27 October 2020

Money for nothing (and your kicks for free)

Affinity. Engagement. Participation. Fun. That’s what our “€10,000 Kicks or Cash” promo for Pepsi Max represents.

Pepsi Max is all about living life to, well, the max. So all entrants had to do was share their fave kick moment video on our facebook app to be in with a chance to win the €10,000 prize fund. The overall winner could then decide to take the ‘ten large’ in cash or do the stuff of dreams – bungee the Grand Canyon, shimmy with sharks, or whatever kick-starts their adrenal gland.

Clear brief, Simple idea. Everyone’s happy – especially the lucky bugger who gets the €10K worth of kicks.

Why not enter now on Pepsi Max’s Facebook page here for your chance to win!

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