23 September 2020

Simple saves lives.

Online banner ads are not unlike motorway road signs (we’d have used the phrase “information superhighway” but we notice that this is not 1992). And when our clients at the Road Safety Authority asked us to create these two campaigns, it felt right to take some inspiration from the simple and telegraphic visual vocabulary of those same signs, with which drivers everywhere are so familiar.

The objective of these first ads is to get the attention of people who find all our new motorways and roundabouts a bit confusing…

Click on an image to view the ad.

Motorways Leaderboard

Motorways MPU

Roundabout Leaderboard

Roundabout MPU

And the next ads in the series ask drivers to drive with more care around cyclists and motorcyclists.

Take Another Look Leaderboard

Take Another Look MPU

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