14 June 2021

That’s unexpected

With their recent sponsorship of the Graham Norton Show on TV3, Electric Ireland wanted to raise awareness among consumers that they also supply gas. So we created a series of 7 and 10 second quirky animated stings which feature Graham Norton’s infamous red chair.

In the show members of the audience tell a story from the chair. If it’s boring, Graham pulls the lever and they’re dumped out. In our stings we create fun and amusing Irish characters and imagine the strange and unexpected places they end up after the lever is pulled; ending with the message: “That’s unexpected, like gas from Electric Ireland”.

The stings were produced by Animade and will appear throughout the new series of the Graham Norton Show on TV3 and 3E.

The stings were accompanied by a separate digital campaign based on the “That’s unexpected” notion, but not connected to the Graham Norton sponsorship.  Using standard media, we showed seemingly innocuous images, only to reveal the full, unexpected picture. The result was a light-hearted and humourous campaign that really showed the personality of the brand.

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